Hello! :)

My name is Azzurra and I am based in London.

I am a yoga teacher, a masseuse, and a food lover.

I developed all these passions out of necessity when I damaged my knee (while doing martial arts) and experienced serious Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) for several years.
Exploring all these different ways of interacting with myself and others made me realise an inclination that I probably carried with me all my life, which is the ability of deeply connecting with whoever is around me.

It is about 15 years that I’m on this journey and I’m loving it every day more, especially¬†now that most of the issues are only a memory. What started as an inevitable need to pay attention to how I was moving and eating, has now become a choice to live a better life where every difficulty becomes an opportunity to learn more about myself and the people that I help.

I have practised yoga for almost 10 years in Italy, the UK and India, where I completed my 200-hours yoga teacher training. I started my yoga journey in Italy, where I am from, and have attended regularly classes with Paola Del Monaco at Satyuga – Accademia di Cultura Orientale. With her I practised mainly Hatha Yoga and Dynamic Vinyasa, as well as Vipassana meditation and several other techniques.

Yoga is a never-ending learning experience and I will never stop being a student.
At the moment I practice Astanga Mysore Yoga every day at the Light Centre in Monument and Belgravia under the lovely guidance of Peter Santos Rego and Lauren Munday.

Spread the Moksha!