what is moksha

What is Pills of Moksha?

Moksha (मोक्ष) is a sanskrit word that can be roughly translated as ‘liberation’.

From what? Mainly from ignorance, which leads us to suffering and repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

With such a big task in front of us, it is hard to find how to go about achieving such freedom.
That’s why I thought to dispense it into tiny pills! So that the journey will not feel overwhelming.

In particular, I decided to follow some wise, classic ayurvedic advice and chose three main tools: yoga, massage, and food.

Hence this is what you will find in this space:

  • a range of tips and inspirations to start or improve a truthful yoga practice, with me or alone;
  • the possibility of experiencing Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and other massage techniques, understanding more of your body;
  • a bunch of recipes and some advice about healthy eating, with a focus on keeping it simple and accessible both in terms of time and money.

Welcome to my take on Moksha!

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