Healthy On A Budget

Healthy On A Budget is the pill related to healthy eating and the use of food as a support for our well-being, mixed with the certainty that it is doable while spending little money.

This aspect is particularly important for me because I believe that good and healthy food should be available for everyone, no matter your level of income. And without necessarily needing fancy ingredients difficult to find and/or to afford.

I grew up in Italy without realising that for most of my meals I’ve eaten seasonal and organic food, from vegetables to cheese, eggs and meat. Not because my parents were particularly educated about nutrition, but simply because I come from a family with a strong rural background.
My grandparents’ families were poor farmers that had to make the most of every single crumble. My grandmas still grow their food and know how to prepare it in a simple and cheap way, without compromising on taste or the provision of all the fundamental nutrients.

When years ago I started to suffer from a series of stress related conditions, food allergies have been my guide to understand what was going on and changing my diet the way out towards a healthy life.

Food and the relationship to it really shape your life, deciding (among other things) if you will be more or less prone to a large number of diseases. We don’t realise how much food influences our mood, the management of stress and the ability to imagine and build a good life.

Healthy On A Budget keeps all of this all together.
It is the part of this platform where you will find nutrition advice and recipes that are healthy, easy to make and cheap.

Eating is a joy to cultivate and share: buon appetito!

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