Heidi J., consultant

Having an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Azzurra is a SUPERB experience. It’s not the usual massage where you’re never really sure how much the masseuse understands the complexity and layers of the body: it’s a really rich experience and I felt WONDERFUL during and after. My back was in much need of some TLC and it got TLC by the bucket load. Azzurra is incredibly attentive and detailed and thorough and I felt deeply cared for and looked after. Her energy is warm and she has so much heart.  The massage – which can not be compared to a ‘standard’ massage was strong (not at all overwhelming – just really GOOD), and felt deeply blissful.
My massage was a couple of weeks ago and it feels like the really long build up of tension has been dislodged and dissolved – I don’t have any of the aches and pains and stiffness that had been accruing in my muscles and tissues. From a practical perspective it was a real bonus for someone to come to me – something about that already makes it much more of a personal unique experience rather than being churned through a clinic. I am so delighted to have discovered AYM and Azzurra. The standards for excellent massage have been raised considerably as a result. Thank you.

Heidi Jackson


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