What is Pills of Moksha?

Pills of Moksha is a platform to improve your general well-being through yoga, massage, sound therapy and nutrition therapies.

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what is moksha

Pills of Moksha is about:


Yoga is an Indian system of philosophy and method defined as ‘the silencing of the modifications of the mind’.
Go beyond the postures and take a look at what makes it an incredible journey to make friends with yourself and live a better life.

AYM and Therapeutic Massages

Explore the power of touch and discover why massages are not only a relaxing practice, but a precious healing tool.
Understand why Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is such a unique technique, book a session and treat yourself to a blissful experience.

Healthy on a Budget

Take care of yourself and your loved ones every day, and learn to use the most powerful natural medicine known to men: food.
Prepare cheap, tasteful meals and become more aware of how eating the right things has a positive effect on everything you think and do.

Sound Therapy

Explore the power of sound in groups or individual sessions.
Gongbaths, soundbaths and sound journeys are incredible tools to relax, work with your subconscious and stimulate your creativity.

Had many massages in India in the run up towards my appointment with Azzurra as I just returned from India and I can say hers was the best. She’s very sensitive as she works and you get the sense that she’s judged and adjusted the practice to exactly what your body needs. There are many other great aspects but I won’t go into them as you must find out for your self, I would recommend azzura to any one whether you need physical or mental rejuvenation, you’ll get both anyway! Also another plus was that yoga was a breeze after, so good for flexibility! Would highly advise to book a longer session and to take a lot of time to relax after and let the full benefits sink in. Super rewarding, booking another session sooon!!

Azzurra has a great understanding of the body and how to meet its conscious and unconscious needs, I felt completely reinvigorated for days afterwards and can thoroughly recommend the systematic approach, professionalism and bespoke dimension of her massage and treatments.

Having an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Azzurra is a SUPERB experience. It’s not the usual massage where you’re never really sure how much the masseuse understands the complexity and layers of the body: it’s a really rich experience and I felt WONDERFUL during and after. My back was in much need of some TLC and it got TLC by the bucket load. Azzurra is incredibly attentive and detailed and thorough and I felt deeply cared for and looked after. Her energy is warm and she has so much heart.  The massage – which can not be compared to a ‘standard’ massage was strong (not at all overwhelming – just really GOOD), and felt deeply blissful. (more…)

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